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Our Strategy, How We Work

Our strategic goal is to contribute to the transformation of Africa's agricultural sector from a non-sustainable sector to a self-sustaining and permaculture-centered sector.

We aim to empower the communities that we serve to take part in building “sustainable livelihoods through regenerative forms of farming”. Such forms of farming build resiliency and enable nature to cater to future generations.

By focusing primarily on youth, children, women, and smallholder farmers, our Projects seek to improve the whole community access and application of permaculture to bolster food production and other life’s basic essentials.

  • Addressing the needs of the most vulnerable communities
  • long-term viability and sustainability through community engagement and ownership
  • gender equality
  • transformational Leadership and entrepreneurship development.
  • While we might initiate a project or be invited, our work is always dependent on the consent of the communities involved. We are only a partner in this process: we provide training, technical support, and grow with the communities we serve.

It is people themselves working towards their own development using skills and knowledge drawn from our training.

Farmer's Resource Centre for Permaculture

Information plays an important part in the wider permaculture learning process. Farmers and other agricultural workers need to understand the context of their work, follow new approaches, undertake new responsibilities, improve their practice and remind them of basic concepts.

Learning takes place not only at workshops or on training courses, but also through discussions with colleagues, practical experience, consulting books, and audiovisual materials.

Our Resource center supports a wide range of learning activities by making information available. By helping farmers learn about permaculture, they are playing a valuable part in redesigning the farming practices of our nation.

Our center acts as a farmer to farmer knowledge exchange platform, serves as a farmer field school, links farmers to productive markets, trains farmers on making and usage of natural farming products, and as well demonstrates basic permaculture practices to farmers using model farming projects including banana farming, poultry rearing, mushroom farming, rain water harvesting, grey water recycling, fruit tree farming, agroforestry and sugarcane farming.

PERMA-Leadership and PERMA-Prenuership

To promote Permaculture in grassroots communities, we need dynamic, passionate, and selfless community promoters.

We are establishing a perma-Leadership and Perma-preneurship training to develop leaders with clear visions, courage, integrity, honesty, humility, and clear focus.

These leaders will shape communities to achieve farming goals through permaculture-based solutions.

Our training is a specialized program designed to help you learn new permaculture techniques and refine old skills to run a permaculture project. 

Skills acquired by our trainees are used when organizing other people to peruse permaculture in communities.

The design thinking and Synergy Methods used to improve participants' competencies as youth workers in order to become more efficient in their farming works, life and enable them to create their desired impact in permaculture.

The self-development training will be housed at the Farmers' Resource Center for Permaculture and will use a combination of online and face-to-face intervention.

Annual Agri Planet Farm Day Training

About 78% of Uganda's Labour force is employed in the Agriculture sector. However, 80% of these are smallholder farmers and are still documented as the world's poorest people. 

Based on this background, evidence suggests that there is a need to implement farmer-centric training to build the capacity of farmers in sustainable production. Permaculture being a new concept in our rural communities, Agri Planet Annual Training days present an opportunity for farmers to learn about the ethics and principles of permaculture practically using the models established at the Farmers' Resource Center for Permaculture.

These pieces of training are a form of education that takes place outside formal learning environments. It differs from education in schools because it is geared towards specific learning needs. Training helps farmers to incorporate the latest permaculture advances and technology tools into their daily farm operations.

The results of enhancing their operations with these tools and skills increase efficiency and also lead to less harm to the environment.

Such non-formal education gives the farmers hands-on training and better methods of farming and informal education keeps the farmers abreast with changing innovations and ideas and allows farmers to share experience gained while practicing permaculture.

Tailored Training, Consultancy, and short courses

Strong from its long-lasting experience on this topic, our team provides a variety of custom services including tailor-made sustainable agricultural  Trainings and Consultancies, available in English, and local languages in Uganda.

Our curriculum combines a variety of training formats, including experiential learning, practical trainings, presentations, videos, group work, collective discussions, and field visits with local stakeholders.

Moreover, we provide our expertise in analyzing the conditions in feasibility studies and in supporting and advising local and international actors in their interventions aiming at the establishment of sustainable agricultural projects.

Our short courses are practical training programs that give you combined content or specific skills training in a short period of time. They often lean towards the more practical side of things and have less theory.

Tailored courses enable trainees to focus their interests and learn more about a field they're replicating on their farms. These courses are offered online and face to face depending on course content and the goals of each specific training.

Online courses can provide you with the same content as on-farm trainings although the practicality is limited. They're flexible and convenient and can save you time and money since you don't need to commute to the Farmers Resource Center for Permaculture.

If you want to build on your permaculture skills and knowledge, CLICK BELOW to check out all that Agri Planet Uganda has to offer.

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