Using permaculture to transform Agricultural practices in Africa.

Agri Planet Uganda is Developing the next generation of socially enterprising and environmentally conscious Agricultural leaders. These perma-enterprising leaders are supported to enable smallholder farmers to thrive by using permaculture.

Our Model: Identify Potential

Within many rural and urban settings, there are specific Young men and women striving to grow food to feed their families and communities. we are confident that if their efforts are well tamed, empowered, and illuminated with permaculture, then Africa's agricultural sector is destined to become more sustainable and regenerative for generations to come. The unbelievable passion of such farmers is what we want to identify and empower by offering the right tools and skills to promote permaculture.

we traverse various grassroots communities in search of the undiscovered farmers and youth showing the spark of agricultural enthusiasm.

Our Model: Training, Simulation and Practice

WOur training programs enable the trainees to learn the fundamentals of permaculture-Leadership, and entrepreneurship.

With extra support, the training given to each learner results in the implementation of a permaculture model project in the community of each trainee through a guided action research process involving design thinking. The established project is a model permaculture project for the grassroots community of each trainee.

The training is an experiential learning process that enables trainees to implement what they learn co-currently.

Trainees complete an intensive program of intellectual growth, entrepreneurial skills development, and hands-on leadership practice for permaculture.

Our Model: Supporting the Smallholder Empowerment Process

Our trainees after establishing grassroots permaculture model projects, they are supported to manage, grow and succeed with their projects.

Their projects empower smallholder farmers by offering permaculture information, permaculture skills training, and as well increase farmer uptake of natural farming practices.

We support our trainees with coaching, mentorship, linkage to resources to enable them successfully run their community permaculture model projects.

Core Values

We are people of our word, with the courage to do what is right.

we believe and embrace the power of working together irrespective of any differences.

In everything, we do we are different. we execute tasks in the most unique way possible.

Agri Planet Co-Founders & Managing Partners

Alinaitwe Cleofash (Left)
Ahumuza Ignatius (Right) 

Even though these two are biological brothers, they have overcome their differences growing up and decided to work towards their common goal. At the cornerstone of Cleofash's passion is the dream to change the lives of smallholder farmers, while Ignatius strongly believes that education delivered innovatively can change lives. These two dreams have been fit into one mission at Agri planet. That's why the organization uses education to prepare Agri-EntrepreLeaders who are supported to transform the lives of smallholder farmers. 

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